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The Abbey is your partner in creating a sustainable school food service program. From turning out the lights, to composting, we strive to be earth friendly in all our activities. To us, sustainability means using renewable resources and making purchasing decisions in a responsible manner. Here's how we follow the three R's:

Reduce: Disposable food packaging is of great concern to our company, so whenever possible our students are served on reusable dishware. For catered events, biodegradable food containers made of natural fibers are available as a service option. We try to cut back on fuel consumption by ordering in bulk and scheduling a minimum order on food deliveries. We are dedicated to purchasing locally, and cooking and baking from scratch is a hallmark of our meal programs.

Reuse: Our school meal programs are designed to include reusable serving trays, silverware, bowls and cups. This is the best environmental choice, even taking into consideration the hot water used for dish washing. New energy efficient kitchen equipment can make a big difference in lowering water and fuel costs in food service operations. The Abbey can provide energy rating information on new kitchen equipment being considered for purchase.

Recycle: Most waste generated by school kitchens can be recycled. Cardboard boxes, aluminum cans, and plastic bottles are sorted by our staff, and collected by the school's recycling program. We participate in food waste composting programs with great success. Food scraps are picked up and delivered to neighboring farms to be turned into compost. The cycle is completed when the compost is returned to the earth to grow local fruit and vegetables that are served to the students. Now that's sustainability!

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Learn more about our Sustainability Plan.

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Our food comes from farms in your neighborhood, supplying us with locally grown and produced goods.

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We support school's efforts to "go green" and are focused on creating sustainable food service programs.


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